Journal Articles

"Purging the Queer Archive: Tumblr's Counterhegemonic Pornographies." Porn Studies. Volume 6, Issue 3. 2019. Coauthored with Gary Needham.

"“How Could any One Relationship Ever Possibly be Fulfilling?”: Bisexuality, Nonmonogamy, and the Visualization of Desire in the Cinema of Gregg Araki." Journal of Bisexuality. Volume 18, Issue 1. 2018.

Reviews and Responses in Journals


"The Futile Search for 'Physiological Evidence' of Male Bisexuality: A Response to Jabbour et al." Psychology of Sexualities Review. Forthcoming 2021. Coauthored with Samuel Lawton and Julia Shaw.

"Bi/A.I.: Life Like (2019)." Journal of Bisexuality. Volume 21, Issue 1. 2020.

"Bisexual Erotics, Bisexual Labor: Knife+Heart (2018)." Journal of Bisexuality. Volume 19, Issue 4. 2019.


"Difference, Contamination, and Absence: The Cakemaker (2017)." Journal of Bisexuality. Volume 19, Issue 1. 2019. 

Publications for a General Audience

"She Must Be Seeing Men." Club des Femmes: Culture Club. 2021.

"Can Film Unteach Hasbara?" Vashti Media. 2020.

"Against ‘Good’ Bisexual Representation, Towards Bisexual Cinematic Pleasure." KAOS GL. 2020. English version. Türkçe olarak. Em português.

"Stop Medicalising Bisexual Men." Bisexual Research Group. 2020. [Turkish translation.]

"Bisexual* Representation and Cinema's Sexual Paradigms." Scottish Queer International Film Festival. 2017.