scholarship and writing

Journal Articles

Purging the Queer Archive: Tumblr's Counterhegemonic Pornographies. Porn Studies. Volume 6, Issue 3. 2019. Coauthored with Gary Needham. accepted manuscript VERSION OF RECORD

“How Could any One Relationship Ever Possibly be Fulfilling?”: Bisexuality, Nonmonogamy, and the Visualization of Desire in the Cinema of Gregg Araki. Journal of Bisexuality. Volume 18, Issue 1. 2018. accepted manuscript VERSION OF RECORD

Reviews and Responses


The Futile Search for 'Physiological Evidence' of Male Bisexuality: A Response to Jabbour et al. Psychology of Sexualities Review. Forthcoming 2021. Coauthored with Samuel Lawton and Julia Shaw. accepted manuscript

Bi/A.I.: Life Like (2019). Journal of Bisexuality. Volume 21, Issue 1. 2020. accepted manuscript VERSION OF RECORD

Bisexual Erotics, Bisexual Labor: Knife+Heart (2018). Journal of Bisexuality. Volume 19, Issue 4. 2019.  accepted manuscript VERSION OF RECORD


Difference, Contamination, and Absence: The Cakemaker (2017). Journal of Bisexuality. Volume 19, Issue 1. 2019. accepted manuscript VERSION OF RECORD

Conference Papers



She Must Be Seeing Men: Bisexual Threat, Lesbian Paranoia, and the Troubling of Monosexual Signification in She Must Be Seeing Things. Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Conference. Online. March 2021.


Rehistoricising Female Vampires of 1970s British Cinema: Bisexuality, Antisemitism, and Xenophobia. European Geographies of Sexualities Conference. Charles University: Prague, Czechia. September 2019.

Critical Stakes: Bisexualising Cinema's Les(bi)an Vampires. Queer Conversations: Looking to Art History and Visual Culture. The Courtauld Institute of Art: London, UK. March 2019.

Bisexuality and Polyamory in the Cinema of Gregg Araki. The European Bisexual Research Conference. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. July 2016. 

Lectures and Panels


Demystifying Bisexuality: Exploring New Research. February 2021. Goldsmiths Centre for Queer History and METRO Charity.

Bisexuality and Film: Beyond the Postitive/Negative Dichotomy. June 2020. Bi Arts Festival Toronto.

Doomed: Gregg Araki, Bisexual Cinema, and the Refusal of an Ending. July 2019. DEEPER INTO MOVIES (Moth Club, London).

Local Film Marketing in the Cinema and Beyond. November 2018. University of Brighton.

Looking Awry: Representing Bisexual* Desires on Screen. 2017. Queer Vision, Bristol; Gaze LGBT Film Festival, Dublin; Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow; Shropshire Rainbow Festival, Shrewsbury; Iris Prize Festival, Cardiff; Queer Media Festival, Manchester; and the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne.

Other Publications

She Must Be Seeing Men. Club des Femmes: Culture Club. 2021.

Can Film Unteach Hasbara? Vashti Media. 2020.

Against ‘Good’ Bisexual Representation, Towards Bisexual Cinematic Pleasure. KAOS GL. 2020. English version. Türkçe olarak. Em português.

Stop Medicalising Bisexual Men. Bisexual Research Group. 2020. [Turkish translation.]

Bisexual* Representation and Cinema's Sexual Paradigms. Scottish Queer International Film Festival. 2017.

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